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  • JYGC OTG Cable for Handy Baby Decode 96bit ID48 Online No Need PC Software Update Woking by APP

JYGC OTG Cable for Handy Baby Decode 96bit ID48 Online No Need PC Software Update Woking by APP

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Product Description

JYGC OTG Cable is designed for Handybaby1 connecting with mobile phone APP.

JYGC OTG Cable Highlights:

1. Update your Handybaby1 easily, no needconnect computer anymore.

2. Easier and faster decoding for 96bit ID48(Currently for free).

3. Online functions make Handybaby1 more powerful.

JYGC OTG Cable Functions:

1. Simplify the upgrade process of Handybaby1: it connects theHandybaby1 and mobile phone throughthe OTG cable, andupgrade in the phone JYGC APP directly,no need a computer to operate any more;

 2. Connect the OTG cable, it only takes 30 seconds to upgrade the device, the speed is very fast;

 3. 96-bit 48 copy process is simple: It supports data upload and chips copy quickly on phone App by OTG cable connecting , no need QR code scanning or data typing in anymore.

4. OTG cable supports online decoding for 46, 4D DST40 (4D60, 61, 62, 63, etc.), some 4D70, Ford 4D83, 48 and other chips by connecting JYGC APP.

5. When Handybaby1cannot decode offline , it can be solved through cloud decoding by OTG cable;

6. It supports to save decodeddata in our server , and it is convenient for locksmiths to copy directly when doing all-key-lost in the future.

7. It can be used to charge for Handybaby1 when the OTG cable connects the phone with the Handybaby1.

JYGC OTG Cable Specifications:

1. Item length:OTG-A: 26cm;  OTG-B: 33cm

2. Color:Both ends are gray and black in the middle. Flexible and shiny.

3. Interface:One interface is the Type-C interface (for mobile phone), and the other interface is used in handybaby1(Micro USB or Mini USB ).

4. Quality:It can be bent, the quality is light, and it can be twisted at will. Good flexibility.

5. Applicable to: Used to connect Handybaby1 and Type-C mobile phone APP.

OTG-A: Used for Handybaby1 with Micro USB.

OTG-B: Used for Handybaby1 with Mini USB.

6. Weight:OTG-A: 8.5G; OTG-B: 9.2G

7. Materials: Plastic and Metal

8. Origin: Mainland China

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