• Genuine Lishi Tool Kit with 32 pieces 2 in 1 for Car key
  • Genuine Lishi Tool Kit with 32 pieces 2 in 1 for Car key

Genuine Lishi Tool Kit with 32 pieces 2 in 1 for Car key

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Genuine Lishi Tool Kit with 32 pieces 


 This is the genuine lishi tool kit.   Including 32 pieces genuine lishi 2 in 1 ,  1 genuine lishi key cutter.



1. HU64  for Mercedes Benz,  Chrysler,  Maybach Laurence, Carlson

2. HU66,  for Bugatti, Lanborghini , Porsche,  Bently, VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat,  

3.  HU83 ,  for old Peugeot 307,  Peugeot 508

4. HU92,  for BMW, Land Rover, Mini, GM, GM3,  7, HUF, Rolls Royce

5. HU100,  for Caddilac, Opel, Vectra Yate, New GL8, New Regal, Cruz, Buick

6. HU101, for Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover Freelander, Volvo,  New Mondeo,  Max, Saab

7. HU100R, for new BMW, Rolls Royce

8. HU49,  for VW, Jetta, Santana, B4, Audi 100,  Hongqi, Golf

9. HU87,  for Suzuki

10. HON66,   for Honda,  Acura, BYD,  Great Wall

11. HY22,  for Hyundai Kia

12. NSN14,  for Nissan, Infinity, Subaru

13. VA2T,  for Peugeot Citroen.

14. SIP22,  for Fiat,  Alfa Romeo,  Lancia,  Maserrati,

15. TOY2,   for Toyota SUV,  Lexus, BYD

16. TOY48,  for Lexus,  Honda,  New Subaru, Crown, Lexus

17. HYN11,  for Hyundai Kia series cars

18. HY15,  for Hyundai Kia

19. HY16,  for Hyundai Kia

20. HYN7R,  for Hyundai Kia other series

21. HU162T-9,  for New VW 2016 ,  New Skoda

22. HU162-10,  for New Audi 2016,  2016 New BMW

23. TOY43AT, for Toyota Series, Camry, Reiz, Carrola, Crown

24. MAZ24, for Mazda Series

25. MIT11,  for Mitsubishi, Chrysler, Dodge

26. CY24.  for Chrysler Dodge Jeep

27. FO38,  for Ford F150, Rapter,Lincoln, Mustang,Mocly

28. MIT8,  for Mitsubishi

29. DWO4R,  for Buick Chevrolet,

30. NE72 for Peugeot 206,207

31. GT15 for Fiat Palio

32.  NE66 for  for Volvo, S80 




Packing List:

Metal Suitcase * 1.

Lishi Cutter * 1;

Lishi 2 in 1* 32 pcs


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