• CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 Auto Key Programmer with BMW FEM/EDC Function

CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 Auto Key Programmer with BMW FEM/EDC Function

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  • CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 BMW CGDI Prog Car Key Programmer

  • Top Reasons To Get CGDI Prog BMW MSV80:

  • 1. High technical tool which mainly support BMW Auto diagnose, programming and security maintenance 3 in 1.
  • 2. Support 20 Free Authorizations:
  • CAS1-3+ Key Match, CAS4 Key Match, Normal Mode Read ISN, Bootstrapper upgrades, FEM/BDC Key Match, CAS3 Key Match, BMW F Series Program, BMW Enable/Disable Key, BMW F Series Coding, EGS Empty and Clone, CAS Mileage Reset, Porsche 987/911 key learning, 95128/95256 Read and Write, BMW E Series Program, BMW E Series Codification, Maserati Meter Mileage Adjustment, BMW EWS Key Match, BMW Diagnosis, ICOM Function, CAS4 Key Match(OBD).
  • 3. Software response fast, short time programming, and new breakthrough in operation safety and technical support.
  • 4. Free Update Online
  • 5. Language: English, Spanish, French, German and Chinese

      • CGDI MSV80 BMW Car Key Programmer Support Module list:

      • 1.BMW CAS1/CAS2/CAS3/CAS3+/key increasing matching,KEY all lost matching,CAS computer replace,CAS3+/P4X above version can directly downgrade by OBD in 5 minus 100% safety.
      • 2.BMW CAS4/CAS4+/Support key matching,support key all lost matching.
      • 3.Support BMW key inspection,can check key what status in.
      • 4.Support BMW engine computer DME replacement.
      • 5.Support BMW MSV80/MSD80/MSD85/series OBD read ISN code (no need to split computer when matching key) Exclusively support in Domestic
      • 6.Support BMW Key unlock.

      • CGDI MSV80 BMW Car Key Programmer CGDI Functions:

      • 1.Update in real time,products updated in zero cycle time,support model added in real time.
      • 2.BMW CAS3/CAS3+Data repair--support change replace and split CAS computer,BMW MSV80/MSV80.0/MSD80/MSD80.0/MSD85/engine change computer,ISN code reading and writing.
      • 3.Equipment security greatly enhanced, the hardware anti-crack,anti-software copy.

        • CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 Support Model list:
        ModelHas key to match keyWithout key to matchRead ISN codeReplace engine computer DMEBMW Key unkockWorking time
        CAS1supportsupport  support1 minute
        CAS2supportsupportsupport support1 minute
        CAS3supportsupportsupport support1 minute
        CAS3+supportsupportsupport support1 minute
        CAS4supportsupportsupport  30 seconds
        CAS4+supportsupportsupport  30 seconds

        • CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 Read MSV80 Specification: 

        • Method 1: can read directly ISN code in the car,pls be assure car voltage is 12V above,directly connect OBD to operate--time about 5 minus. 
        • Methods 2: can directly split engine computer (DME) to operate--connectline as follows:
          • MSV80/D80/D85/wiring in the experimental bench
          • CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 Software Update Guide:

          • Step 1. Receive message " There is a new version", click on "OK"
          • Step 2. Click on "Setting", then "Check for updates", waiting until the next dialog box appears.
          • Step 3. Checking local file.
          • Step 4. Detects a new file, click "Yes" to update.
          • Step 5. Downloading file.

          • CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 Firmware Update Guide:

          • Step 1. Connect CGDI Pro device to the computer, open CGDI software.
          • Step 2. Click on "Setting" and then "Upgrade the firmware", waiting.
          • Step 3. Updating...
          • Step 4. CGDI programmer firmware update successfully, again click on "Upgrade the firmware".
          • Step 5. Get message reading " The version is already up to date without upgrading". Click on "OK".

            • CGDI BMW Prog FAQs:

            • Q1: How to authorize CGDI BMW EGS ISN function?
            • A1: The user needs to disassemble and wire the cable. There is no additional cable to work with.

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